New Team Member on Board

Hello All – I’m so pleased to join the Verdad / Vertical team and look forward to meeting each of you!

Which will be a challenge – at least in person! I work Remote in Baltimore, MD – I highly recommend the crab, craft beer and architecture and if you find yourself traveling my way, it would be my pleasure to introduce you to all three.

I have a diverse background with an emphasis in production, program management, and process improvement in Corporate, Nonprofit and Government sectors of Housing, Construction and Development. My Owner’s Representative clients have included CVS Realty (CA, FLA, IL, OH), Wal-Mart (Mid-Atlantic and Southern Va.), and Dollar General (National). I was formerly the Associate Director at a Nonprofit serving Baltimore, MD, and served as the Sr. Program Manager, Housing and Building Energy Programs, DHCD, State of Maryland, respectively.

Enough with the resume and on to the important stuff!

  • Smocer is pronounced SMO – Sir. NOT Smoker, Smoosher…you get the picture. However, I’m cheerful when people butcher it.
  • I am fine with Jessica, Jessie, or Jess. Roll with whatever works for you.
  • Do not start discussing your Dog Training needs with me if you have, literally, ANYTHING else to attend to in the next hour or so.
  • Ditto on music.
  • I am a Steeler fan and yes, I can name the 70’s defensive line. Of course I saw the Mean Joe Green Coke commercial.
  • Yes, I saw Tony Dorsett play at Pitt – you are welcome.

The Fam:

  • My son Gage, 20,  attends Penn State and is finishing his sophomore year. He majors in Engineering. Or Economics. Or Political Science. As it should be – the sky is truly the limit for this kiddo! He has an incredible brain, plays lead guitar, and plays on the Penn State Club Team for Soccer. The kids rocks.
  • My son Parker, 16, plays “ball”. Any type of “ball”. He looks at a “ball” – the “ball” does whatever he wants it to. Currently, the “ball” is basketball. He’s a leftie, hits pick-up games on the Baltimore black tops (which is no joke), and at 6’2”, 160# with white-blond hair certainly leaves an impression. I cannot wait until he accompanies me to Dallas to meet you all. He will bury you on the court. Bring it.
  • I have two ridiculous black rescue German Shepherds (please see above on your available time if you ask me about them!).